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  • Steve Hammond (Chairperson, Wicken Green Village Management Co Ltd) says:

    Not perhaps the correct place to send this note of thanks but unable to find an email address.
    Grateful thanks to the Parish Council for the generous donation to our fund raising to install a Defibrilator on site at Wicken Green.
    Delighted to meet Paul and his fellow Councellors at the gathering yesterday evening.

  • R. W. Vigar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am applying to NNDC to make Wicken Green a “No cold calling area” and the application requires to know if the Parish Council has been informed and are in agreement with the application. The question was raised at a recent EGM held at Green Park Centre by the Wicken Green Management Company and was overwhelmingly passed by all attendees. Trusting you will be in agreement with this request.
    Kind regards,


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