Agenda 14/03/2016


Chairman: Anthony Duckworth- Chad

Clerk : Tracey White

30 Edgefield Road Briston

Melton Constable Norfolk

NR24 2HU

Public Participation: Parishioners are very welcome to attend and, before the start of the Meeting are invited to bring any matters of interest or concern to the attention of the Parish Council

Notice of and Summons to Attend

The Meeting of the Parish Council

To be held at 7.00pm on

Monday 14th March 2016

At Green Park Centre


1. Welcome by the Chairman

2. To consider accepting apologies for absence

3. To receive dispensations and record declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

4. To adjourn meeting to allow public participation and to hear from Councillors present

5. Meeting reconvened. To approve Minutes of Meeting held on 11th January 2016

6. Matters arising (for information only) from Minutes of Meeting held on 11th January 2016

– Late night MOD manoeuvres, to discuss any continuing problem

– Tyre Mountain, any update received – Appeal Decision now received, to be discussed  below at Planning Matters

– Site at Lancaster Road, has this been tidied now following confirmation from Tom  Fitzpatrick that he would be having a meeting over this issue

– Follow up from report to Environment Agency of silting up of River causing difficulties with high levels at Tattersett, threat to property

7. To discuss continued Broadband Connection issues.

8. Proposed development by Victory Housing of 9 properties at Tatterford Glebe. Any follow up from letter sent to Martin Aust by the Chairman

9. Fourwinds Junction, to discuss continuing difficulties with the use of this area.

10. Jack’s Windfarm Fund, confirmation that first round of applications for monies for 2016 would open in February 2016, the next committee meeting is set for the 25th May 2016. Clerk has contacted Highways Department re the possible siting of bus shelters at Fourwinds Stop(s) to see there would be no conflict in doing so. Once have a response to make enquiries into cost of shelters with a view to makinng an application to the Windfarm Fund towards cost of this/these. Confirm that a link to this fund has been included on the Parish Council’s website

11. Co-option of new councillor(s) 11 seats in total to be filled for a full Council ( 6 currently available)

12. Planning matters;

PF/15/1548 Erection of two-storey extension to rear of dwelling 37 Halifax Crescent Sculthorpe Fakenham NR21 7PS (no objection comment response sent prior to meeting as expiry date for application 26/2/16)

PF/16/0179 Mallard Dunton Road Tatterford Fakenham NR21 7AY, Erection of one and half storey replacement dwelling (no objection comment response sent prior to the meeting as expiry date 11/3/16)

ENF/14/0248 Written Representations Land at Flag Street Tattersett Busn and Leisure Park

13. Correspondence

– Zurich, confirmation of annual insurance YLL-122903-7803 due 18th March 2016

– Gt Massingham Area Community Car Scheme, thank you for recent donation

– NCC NHS Health Check Promotion for 40-74 year olds,, 0344 800 8029

– Clerks & Councils Direct March 2016

– Tower Mint Ltd, HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Commerative Medal for Schools and Councils

14. Financial Matters;

Payment due

Zurich Municipal (Annual Insurance) £251.85

Election Costs (Uncontested) £63.86

Thinking Rural CIC (pay roll) £12.00

15. Announcements

16. Date of next meeting for May 2016 to be agreed (this will include the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council)